5 Call Transcription Software Tools To Record & Transcribe Meetings

Scribbling notes during the meeting has long been the norm of business. The need to record, transcribe and archive conference calls is important; however, it is time-consuming and hinders the natural flow of conversation.

Technology today has made it possible to quickly capture and transcribe information without disrupting the meeting. Here are five tools and software that can help.


Threads will quickly pick up all VoIP calls that are made from your network and transcribe them making all of your calls fully searchable. Threads allows you to record calls from your existing network without reconfiguring the existing setup, so you don’t have to bother changing anything. All the messages of an organization will be stored securely and privately in the cloud and you can easily search through them. Calls can also be grouped along with emails so you can quickly browse through them together and extract information to manage your contacts.


Otter makes it easy to search through voice conversations by automatically recording and transcribing calls. Otter is intelligent enough to understand and capture conversations that happen between multiple people as well. It allows recording and reviewing the transcribe text in real time. You can access the conversations from any device and search through them quickly. You also have the facility to share voice notes with others and collaborate, making Otter quite useful for teams.


If you need a human touch along with the automatic transcription, then TranscribeMe’s hybrid model of speech recognition technology plus dynamic quality assurance by real professional transcribers may be the best choice for you. A combination of voice recognition software that converts speech to text, automated quality checks, weekly spot checks and peer reviews by professionals ensures quality of the transcribed text. If errors in the transcription is going to be costly, then TranscribeMe may be worth checking out.


Trint is an AI-based toolkit for transcribing, searching, and sharing media content. One advantage of Trint is that it can transcribe both audio and video files. It has a sophisticated editor that glues the transcribed text right next to the spot in the video or audio file, so you can easily verify or correct the text if required. Of course, the audio and video files are made searchable as well. Just drop your audio or video recording of the business meeting into Trint’s web-based interface and you’re done.


If most of your business meetings are online, Zoom is a great choice to not only record the conference call, but also to transcribe it. Zoom has an audio transcript option that automatically transcribes the audio of a business meeting or conference call that you record in the cloud. The transcript appears as a separate file in the list of meetings that were recorded. Download the file to open it in MS Word or other text editors.