Threads is packed with features to help you streamline your communications

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CRM Integration

Threads automatically logs your emails and phone calls with your existing HubSpot contacts. Thinking of migrating to HubSpot? Threads can import all your historic data, making migration a walk in the park.

Compatible With Any Email Client

Threads is compatible with any email client, even those that are not supported by HubSpot, like Apple Mail

View Attachments

Threads will store a copy of any attachments associated with sent or received mail, so you can access them even if you were not copied to the original email.

Other Useful Features

Phone Call Transcription

We use GoogleSpeech, the global leader in AI Voice recognition, to transcribe your phone-calls so that you can search them just like you would an email!

Intelligent Search Capability

Superior indexing of emails and optical character recognition (OCR) allows you to locate items, that would otherwise be lost, from within HubSpot.

Storage Based Pricing

Our pricing is storage-based; pay just one fixed, monthly price no matter how many HubSpot users you have.

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