4 Ways Call Transcription Can Boost Your Sales

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction
By keeping detailed notes of previous telephone interactions, you can avoid the need to keep asking your customers to repeat themselves. Customers routinely state that one of the biggest gripes with service providers is the lack of information sharing within large organisations and time wasted having to provide key information multiple times.

2. Speed Up Call Analysis
Whilst call recordings are invaluable for being able to re-listen to your customer conversations and better understand their needs, they can be time consuming to listen to and analyse. By creating a transcription of the call, you can review the key areas in a fraction of the time or search for specific keywords and skip straight to the part of the call you are interested in.

3. Verifying Compliance
In highly regulated industries, sales staff are often required to read out lengthy scripts or obtain verbal customer consent. Call transcripts can enable calls to be quickly screened and reviewed to ensure compliance with relevant legislation or confirm that the relevant consent has been obtained.

4. Identifying Training Needs
Generating call transcripts are a great way of identifying your sales teams strengths and weaknesses. It can help you work out what sales messaging works and what doesn’t and can also identify areas that require further training.

Francesca Yardley