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Threads captures, compiles, organises and logs all of your business communications within the familiar and simple-to-use HubSpot platform without you needing to lift a finger.

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What Can Threads Do For Me?

When connected, Threads fully integrates with HubSpot and stores all your digital communications in one intuitive dashboard. It intelligently indexes any digital message (including emails, phone calls and SMS) to enable you to search and filter your data by contact, customer or project.

Automatic HubSpot Sync

Migrating historic emails can be a significant challenge, and even a barrier to entry, when attempting to switch CRMs. When connected, Threads can scan your inbox for any historic emails associated with your HubSpot contacts, so there is no need to engage expensive data migration specialists or waste forwarding old email threads into HubSpot. With Threads, you can be confident that your CRM will be up-to-date and ready to use from the offset.

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Transcribe Phone Calls

HubSpot is the market leader in inbound marketing technology. But logging inbound phone calls can be time consuming and often requires frantic notetaking to certify that all the key details of the phone call have been captured. HubSpot Threads telephony subscribers no longer have this problem as all inbound and outbound calls are automatically recorded, transcribed and logged with your HubSpot contacts.